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Rich Jennings - VP, Fulton Financial Advisors

The greatest hitters in baseball utilize the wisdom of a batting coach when looking to improve or adjust something in their swing. 2004 proved to be a pivotal year in my career. There were things that I needed to act and decide on, both personally and professionally. These decisions would begin to lay the foundation for the next leg of my career.

I needed someone other than my existing business partners and family members to hash through many of these things. I needed someone who could listen and think differently and objectively other than those already close to me.

John is this person. Through simple conversation John has helped guide several decisions. I do not hesitate when I say that this has made me a more effective leader.

Rich Jennings
Vice President/Financial Advisor
Fulton Financial Advisors


Dan Kuchar ~ Broadway/Film Designer

Dan's Broadway Credits~ Film Credits

John Gaughan has been one of my very best friends longer then I can remember. Due to our busy schedules, we don't get to see each other or chat as often as either of us would care to, but it seems every time we do it's as if we had just spoken the day before. John is always on top of every thing I'm currently involved with and has always been one of my strongest pillars of support.

I have lived and worked in New York City since August 1990 when I moved here to pursue my Masters Degree at NYU TISCH School of the Arts for Theatrical Design. Prior to attending TISCH, I was the big fish in a small pond back home in Pennsylvania and happy enough, or so I thought. Many of my friends pushed and encouraged me to try my talents in a larger pond. In the end it was John's strong support for my talents and constant nudging that pushed me to finally apply to NYU. Secretly I thought it would quiet him down and get him off my back once and for all when I wasn't accepted. To my surprise, I was not only accepted but was selected for an assistantship as well. 

Fast forward 3 yrs; directly out of NYU I began working with one of Broadway's legendary set designers, Tony Walton. I worked with Tony for 6 years, assisting on Broadway shows and also worked on a few Hollywood films with various designers of note. Finally I began designing my own sets for many regional and Off-Broadway theatres, and for the past 8 seasons I have designed Big Apple Circus. Most recently something I felt would only ever be a dream actually came true; I landed a position as an assistant art director on a Steven Spielberg film. As you can see the past 14+ years have turned out rather different from my original expectations of NYU not even accepting me for grad school!

John's encouragement has resulted in many of these dreams coming true. Of course to accomplish what I have I needed the talent to deliver the goods. I spent many, many years developing those skills and talents, but just as important is the drive to keep pushing on in a business where it is difficult to get a foot hold. That's where John comes in, he is always encouraging and pushing me to keep my head up and not to give up on the dreams I have deep inside. Sometimes I feel he cares more about my career and achievements than I do! And as soon as I take a step up the ladder, he says, "Great! Now how can you use that to further your career and reach your next goal?" He doesn't let me rest for long! Today, John's still on my back nudging me along! I feel very fortunate indeed that he cares so much for me, my dreams, and my successes.

Dan Kuchar
New York City


Joe Wehinger ~ Hollywood Director/Writer ~ Joe’s Film Credits

John Gaughan is an amazing human being. He’s been a close friend of mine since the mid-1990’s. He focuses on and genuinely cares about you and your situation. He’ll slowly offer advice, never intrusive or overbearing; but rather his words are well-chosen, gentle and caring.

And now as life develops he continues to hold a subtle influence. John always offers support or a listening ear when I am in hard times, and supplies support and career guidance as I need it, professionally, socially and personally.

John remains a very close friend and confidant. I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life.

Joe Wehinger
Los Angeles, CA.


Gary Laubach, Director of Media Services, RCN4 Studios

RCN 4 Studios

John Gaughan is much more than a "think tank". In my many years of being associated with John, I have found John to be a "solution machine". He is extremely capable of analyzing a situation and creating innovative solutions. His solutions are timely, useful, and practical. He takes personal responsibility for his work and places the highest priority on the customer being served.

John is an excellent communicator. I have found John's opinions respected by those around him and he fosters positive attitudes in all he meets. John is direct in his approach to problems and is very honest in his evaluation of those problems. He makes decisions, implements change, and is visionary in his approach.

Individuals and companies would be well-served if they allowed John to be their "think tank".

Gary L. Laubach
Director of Media Services

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